FLAGS Mixtape by Brolin 0

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FLAGS Mixtape – Single Title

Artist Brolin

Label: Mega Stomo

Release date: 7th April

Brolin, producer and singer, prepares for his debut record, expected to be released later in the year. He mixes a mixtape with Raffertie and Dam Mantle tracks and remixes, remixed, remixed, and re-purposed by Hannes Rasmus, Hannes Rasmus, and Raffertie. This mixtape showcases his skills behind the mixer and on the mix and bodes well for the album.

With his gentle melancholic vocals and fitting in well with alt.R’n’B artists like Twin Shadow and How To Dress Well, Brolin’s mixtape FLAGS allows him to explore the new sonic territory. On Inspector, he also adds a gentle refrain for Dam Mantle’s Canterbury Pt. 1. This track rides a loose, tech-house beat on El Santos, an FTSE-produced song; Brolin adds a gentle refrain to Dam Mantle’s Canterbury Pt.

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